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Are your new filters really clean?

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Filters for AHU often travel a long way to reach the customer. It is therefore important to protect them from possible contamination during this time.


The main places where filters can become contaminated are:

- At the point of sale and at home. Filters may be stored for longer periods of time. Dust and other contaminants in storage areas can settle on the filter material.

- Transportation. During the delivery, goods are stored in less than clean environments: in a courier car, on a sorting conveyor, at intermediate transhipment stops. Unprotected boxes can be damaged during the delivery, allowing contaminants to get on the filters.


Filter contamination may not be visible to the naked eye, with finer dust accumulating in the deeper layers of the material. This will lead to a shorter filter life, increased energy consumption or reduced supply air flow.


Most original filter manufacturers (e.g. Komfovent) pack filters in a plastic film or other sealed packaging for this reason. Unfortunately, it should be noted that many manufacturers and dealers do not follow these recommendations, and filters that are not packed in this way will deteriorate over time on shelves and are packaged only before transport.


Are your new filters really clean? We make sure they are: CleanFilter filters are wrapped in film during manufacture. The CleanFilter filters are wrapped with a protective film that is safe to transport and safe for storage. 2 years storage guarantee!