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Are analogue filters better than original filters? Which ones to choose?

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Original filters often cost up to €40-50 and they also need to be replaced 2-4 times a year. But is it really worth overpaying for original filters when there are cheaper alternatives? You can save money by choosing a high quality alternative.

  • Almost all air handling unit manufacturers do not produce filters. Neither all other components. Some of the original filters are bought at the lowest possible price, often from China.
  • An analogue filter will not damage the unit. A filter of class G3/G4 (ISO Coarse) is sufficient to protect the AHU against fouling. Many manufacturers such as Brink, Mitsubishi, Helios, Vallox, etc. simply use sheets of filter material as basic protection, and the”original” ones cost even more than EUR 25.
  • Quality alternative filters are not inferior to the original filters. The larger European manufacturers have automated machines, quality inspection systems, and laboratories. Therefore, such a filter will be durable, leak-proof, and meet the specified filtration efficiency.
  • The lifetime of the filter is independent of originality. The lifetime of a filter is determined by a number of factors such as filtration efficiency, surface area, technical characteristics of the material, tightness, etc.

CleanFilter filters are made by the leading German manufacturer Sandler filter material, certified according to the VDI 6022 (Hygienic Ventilation) standard.

  • The corrugations of the panel filters are glued together at the optimum angle to ensure uniform operation over the entire surface of the filter.
  • A triple-layered material with increased dust capacity is used for effective filtration.
  • The efficiency of the filters according to ISO16890 has been confirmed by tests at the FIATEC laboratory in Germany.

Choose quality and save money!